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CUCM Time Periods/Holiday Schedule

I have been tasked with setting up a holiday schedule for July 4 of this year.  Our office closes at 7PM on July 3 and reopens at 8AM on July 5.  I would like a holiday greeting/voicemail setup so that if we receive any calls between 7PM on July 3 and 8AM on July 5 hear a holiday greeting and then get the opportunity to leave a voice message.  I tried configuring one time period within CUCM for this holiday event with a start time of 17:00, and end time of 0800, repeat every 'year on' July 3 until July 5.  To much surprise, I received a message stating that the end time can't be sooner than the start time.  So, per TAC's suggestion, I configured three separate time periods, one for July 3 from 17:00 until 24:00, another for July 4 from 00:00 until 24:00 and finally a third for July 5 00:00 until 08:00.  I added these three time periods to a time schedule and then added the time schedule to my partition that handles inbound calling.  This works and should continue to work but my question is, why do I have to create three separate time periods?  Why can't I simply say start the holiday greeting at 17:00 on July 3 and end at 08:00 on July 5 with one time period?  This seems like it would be a rather simple thing to do but yet again, I have been perplexed by Cisco's design and logic behind this.  Can anyone explain why you have to have multiple time periods for a scenario like this?  Is there a better way to handle this?  Also, we do have Unity Connection and I know that it handles holiday greetings but with the way our call flow is setup thru CallManager, TAC couldn't see how we would be able to get Unity to play a holiday greeting without reconfiguring half of our phone system.

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Jaime Valencia
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee

If you really want to know the reasoning behind this, you'll need to go thru your AM to submit the question to the BU, short answer, because TOD can only configure the periods per day and not span thru several days as you've seen. I would also have suggested that configuration to make this work.

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Dennis Mink

Quickest and dirtiest way is to put in place a translation pattern in place that translates to a phone that has CFWD all to VM and change the greeting on that.

you can even do this for a whole number range and translate it to a single number.

Just a thought, without knowing the intricacies of your NP

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