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Cucm10 incoming call problem

wael azzam
Level 1
Level 1

I have cucm 10.5 .

1)when there  is an  incoming call from FXO side ,cm receive and pass it to  receptionist phone that have internal DN 3001 ringing and in the same time the call opened with the caller .That happen while phone ringing waiting receptionist to answer 

2)If the receptionist doesn't answer and the external caller closed the call (on hook) ,the receptionist phone still ringing until any one answer and of course when answer cant find any thing

1 Accepted Solution

Accepted Solutions

Ok, then  review this link, it may help.

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Brandon Pierce
Level 4
Level 4

What signalling are you using from CUCM to the Gateway?  Does the FXO go back on-hook?


Try looking here if this isn't an MGCP configuration:

I use MGCP and note that it doesn't go back on-hook

Ok, then  review this link, it may help.

Thanks Brandon Pierce for your help ,really this link is very useful