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Kenneth Mohammed
Rising star

CUCME 8.5 BLF Speed Dial

Hey Everyone,

Its been awhile since I posted here. I have a customer runnig CUCME 8.5 on a 2901 ISR with 15.1(3)T IOS. I have a number of users with a 7962 phone with 7915-12 expansion module. The issue is, that these phones are configured with 2 DN's and the remaining 4 buttons on the phone, along with all of the buttons on the 7915 are configured as BLF speed dials. However, on the phones and the expansion modules, they are only showing up as speed dials (it has the keypad icon, as opposed the the keypad w/phone icon which should indicate BLF Speed dial). Here is a sample of one of the ephone configs:

ephone  1

mac-address D4A0.2A89.864E

ephone-template 1

username "dkilway" password dkilway7420

blf-speed-dial 1 7440 label "Mark Keener-7440" device

blf-speed-dial 2 8995 label "Bill King-8995" device

blf-speed-dial 3 8992 label "Matt Dawley-8992" device

blf-speed-dial 4 7430 label "Eric Rooney-7430" device

blf-speed-dial 5 7423 label "Don Thomas-7423" device

blf-speed-dial 6 7432 label "Eric Sweere-7432" device

blf-speed-dial 7 7422 label "Kelly Thornton-7422" device

blf-speed-dial 8 8993 label "Ken Russell-8993" device

blf-speed-dial 9 7421 label "Lynn Baker-7421" device

blf-speed-dial 10 8990 label "Mark Hartsook-8990" device

blf-speed-dial 11 7438 label "Nathan Blood-7438" device

blf-speed-dial 12 7433 label "Peter Wilkinson-7433" device

blf-speed-dial 13 7424 label "Ralph O'Connor-7424" device

blf-speed-dial 14 7439 label "Renata Ashford-7439" device

blf-speed-dial 15 7431 label "Rob Hoffman-7431" device

blf-speed-dial 16 7437 label "Julianne Stadelman - 7437" device

paging-dn 199

type 7962 addon 1 7915-12

button  1:1 2:50

Here is a sample ephone-dn config:

ephone-dn  1  dual-line

no call-waiting beep

number 7420

label Debbie Kilway-7420

description Debbie Kilway-7420

name Debbie Kilway

allow watch

call-forward busy 8000

call-forward noan 8000 timeout 20

corlist incoming Unrestricted-CSS

hold-alert 60 originator

Any ideas as to what could be causing the buttons to show up as speed-dials, as opposed to BLF speed-dials? I also have a TAC case open, but thought I would post here as well. Any assistance is greatly appreciated.


Accepted Solutions

Yes as mentioned before:


max-subscriptions XXX

Again, it's all explained in the manual.

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paolo bevilacqua
Hall of Fame Master

Have you configured  'presence' and few options under it? Full details in the Administrator Guide.

Hi Paolo,

As far as I know, it was working fine without any presence configuration. However, TAC added the following to the config:


presence enable

and i just added this under the ephone

presence call-list

Is there anything else I should maybe add?

Yes as mentioned before:


max-subscriptions XXX

Again, it's all explained in the manual.

Thanks Paolo,

I believe that may have fixed it. Thanks for your assistance.

Thank you for the nice rating and good luck!

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