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CUCME 9.1 TAR Checksum Failure

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Hoping for some help here - I have tried this multiple ways but had no success

I am trying to get CUCME 9.1 installed on a 2901 router. The router is running IOS 15.2(4)M2, and has the UCK9 feature permanently enabled. It has a 2GB flash drive.

I have downloaded CUCME 9.1 in the form of cme-152-4Mv1.rar at least 3 times onto various Windows 7 machines and either copied the TAR directly to the flash drive or put it onto a TFTP server.

The command I am using is straight out of the CME Administrator's guide " archive tar /xtract (source) (destination)        

Every time I try to extract the TAR file, there is an immediate " TAR Checksum Error " message, no matter the source of the file.

I have used an MD5 calculator and validated the downloaded copies of the tar match the MD5 values on the web page. I have further used 7zip to extract a copy of the tarball onto my hard drive, and everything seems to extract fine - files are there and I can open and read the .txt.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

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paolo bevilacqua
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Hall of Fame

Whatever the reason, you can just copy the files you need to router, surely not all, depending on what you really use. Most components are the same as in other CME downloads or versions

Thanks for the reply, but manually copying the files won't really solve the issue, or allow me to understand 'why' this is happening so that I will know how to address it in the future.

No problem, most often in this industry the focus is on "do" before than "why", Of course you can choose to stay with no files installed in the meanwhile.

Thanks for your very helpful reply

You're welcome.