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CUE and Caller ID

I have a client with CME 9.1 and CUE 8.6.4.  They have an auto attendant programmed in CUE and one of the options is supposed to forward the caller to an external number at another location.  This all works as far as CUE and CME are concerned.  However, the provider will not process out going calls on the PRI unless they have a caller ID that is associated with that PRI.  And the call forwarded from the Auto Attendant maintains the caller ID of the original caller which causes it to get blocked. 

So my question is-

Is there any way for me to overwrite the caller ID for calls being forwarded back out over the PRI by the Auto Attendant?

Thanks in advance!


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CUE and Caller ID


You could use translation profiles on the CME-side to address this need. Given that your provider blocks calls where the CLID is outside of a certain range implies they can provide that range to you. It is likely you already know what that range is. From there you can build a translation profile that passes CLIDs that are in the approved range and then change CLIDs that are not.

For example. Assume you have the following:

DID Range (approved by carrier): 7035552000 to 2999

BtN or DID you want to mask for numbers outside of the above range: 7035552000

Abbreviated dialing (internal extensions): 4 Digit (e.g. 2XXX)

CUE can pass 4d or >=10D depending on who called the attendant

The following translation rules and profile can be applied:

voice translation-rule 99

rule 1 /^2...$/ /703555\0/

rule 2 /7035552.../ //

rule 3 /.*/ /7035552000/

voice translation-profile PRESENT-CLID

translate called 99


You can apply the translation profile to an existing dial-peer. It is likely you have more than one dial-peer. Just as an example:

dial-peer voice 91020 pots

destination-pattern 9[2-9]..[2-9]......

translation-profile out PRESENT-CLID

port 0/0/0:23

forward-digits 10


The translation profile (PRESENT-CLID) is being applied to the pots dial-peer in the outbound direction. The translation profile is evaluating the CLID with translation-rule 99. If the CLID is a 4-digit number in your range, we expand to 10-digits. If the CLID is a 10-digit number in the range, we leave it be. If the CLID is anything else, we change it to 7035552000.


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HTH -Bill (b) (t) @ucguerrilla

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