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CUE ISM-SRE failing trying to do an upgrade from CME


I am having an issue with a new 2951 and a ISM-SRE-300-K9. They were shipped seperately so I added it, and since then I have reseated it as well to verify. It shows up in the show diag, and is configurable/configured, but I cannot session to it, and it shows out of service.

Sep 14 14:20:06.543: %SM_INSTALL-6-INST_RBIP: ISM0/0 received msg: RBIP Registration


#ser ism0/0 sess

Trying, 2195 ...

% Destination unreachable; gateway or host down

Molycorp-CCME2951#service-module is
Molycorp-CCME2951#service-module isM 0/0 statu
Service Module is Cisco ISM0/0
Service Module supports session via TTY line 195
Service Module is trying to recover from error
Service Module heartbeat-reset is enabled
Service Module is in fail open
Service Module status is not available

Module resource information:
  CPU Frequency: 1068 MHz
  Memory Size: 493 MB
  Disk 0 Size: 3908 MB

No install/uninstall in progress

Localstore Info - (0 apps)
  Retrieving localstore information

This line

"Service Module is trying to recover from error"

Will change to

"Service Module is waiting for registration message"


interface GigabitEthernet0/0

description Connection for both voice and data to 3750x

no ip address

duplex full

speed 1000

service-policy output AutoQoS-Policy-Trust


interface GigabitEthernet0/0.201

encapsulation dot1Q 201

ip address


interface GigabitEthernet0/0.240

encapsulation dot1Q 240

ip address

h323-gateway voip interface

h323-gateway voip bind srcaddr


interface ISM0/0

description cue is initialized with default IMAP group

ip unnumbered GigabitEthernet0/0.240

ip virtual-reassembly

service-module fail-open

service-module ip address

service-module ip default-gateway

vlan-id dot1q 240




ip route ISM0/0

I am also trying to do an install via the CCME

service-module ISM 0/0 install url ftp://cisco:cisco@

%Error: Couldn't open


Execution of script cue-installer.SPA.sme.8.6.1.install.sre failed, installation aborted

That usually means your FTP server isn't started or your directory isn't setup correctly, but I use freeftpd and I can access it via CUCM without issue.

It is a brand new card, but I have a hard time thinking its DOA especially since it shows up in the show diag and is configurable.

Any help or suggestions appreciated.



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Resolved the issue - an oversight the router was being configured 'off network' and the interface that was associated to the ISM was down down since it was vlaned I was using  another interface to communicate and the ISM module needs the interface associated to be active also.

hi mac ,

     having the same issue with a 2900 series router running ISM module .

can you send an example config so i compare mines . thanks

here is a sample config

interface Loopback0

ip address


interface ISM0/0

ip unnumbered  Loopback0

service-module fail-open

service-module ip address

service-module ip default-gateway


ip route ISM 0/0

Regards ,

Chris Henderson

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