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CUE Reporting (gw-accounting file)



We are relatively new to the world of Cisco, recently having installed an ISDN30 line with CME 8.6.

I have managed to get gw-accounting to log to FTP successfully, however the log files contain far too much information for what we need.

It is a shame that such advanced software like Cisco don't make these reports easier to export. In a way, this thread is to ascertain if anyone can give any advice on how we can achieve better results from Call History reporting....

Alternatively, is there a way I can tailor the FTP reports to output only

DateTime, Call From, Call To, Call Duration

We simply want to see (example)

07-11-2012 12:56:00, 1101, 3022, 00:00:50  (This would be an internal call)

07-11-2012 12:57:00, 1102, 901234567890, 00:01:20 (this would be an internal caller, calling someone external)


If anyone can provide any help, advice and guidance I'd really appreciate that.

Thank you so much.   

PS: This is our section for gw-accounting file in the running-config     

gw-accounting file

primary ftp username Administrator password ****************

acct-template callhistory-detail

cdr-format compact

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Robert Thomas
Rising star
Rising star

Unfortunately due to restrictions with CME we dont have much space to store records generate reports, the support is to generate detailed CDR. There's an ecosystem of partners that develop reporting apps for this business need.

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Chris Lee

You should be able to reduce the amount of data you receive via FTP by setting the "cdr-format" to "compact".  Down towards the bottom -

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