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CUPS Subscriber

Todd Morgan

I am installing a subscriber for CUPS. Do I just want to add it as a second node in the DefaultCUPSubcriber node? Or do I want to create a new node and add it to that?

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Suresh Hudda
Rising star
Rising star

It depends on version, which you are installing..If it is 9.x or prior version then you need to add it (Sub) as subscriber in CUPS publisher and if you are installing 10.x (IM & P) then you need to add it in CUCM publisher.



Todd Morgan

Ok I tried to add a subscriber but I keep getting this error below. I am trying 9.1.1-5


Configuration validation with cups-pub ( failed.


Could not send/receive UDP packets to the publisher on port 8500.

- is this node in application server list on the CUCM?

- is network connection to cups-pub up?

- is the MTU size correct for this network?

- Does the network allow packet fragments?


I dont get why this isint working. I had no troubles adding CUC sub and CUCM sub.

Jaime Valencia
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee Hall of Fame Cisco Employee
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee

Do you have proper DNS in place??

As mentioned, is it  in the app server list in CUCM?



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Yes to both

Here are the screenshots of the ping and the cups-publisher

Have you added the New CUPS subscriber node in CUCM as application server (under 'System' in CUCM), if not then please add it there ? And are you able to ping CUPS publisher from the desktop where from you are trying ton install CUPS subscriber ?

And hope you selected "No" in response  to "is this is first node" when you are installing Subscriber.


It is in the CUCM as an application server. I used the IP and not the FQDN. does it need the FQDN instead?


I did select no for the first node part. That is why it is trying to connect to it now.

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