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CUVA works intermittently

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Level 1

We are using CUVA 2.1.1 with 7961 phones.

The phones are running firmware ver SCCP41.8-3-3SR2S.

Calls are being made between two phones at the same location, in the same building, on the same vlan.

Sometimes the initial video call will work but then a second call will fail.

Sometimes the initial video call won't work though.

It seems the CUVA software doesn't discover the IP phone even though CDP protocol is running.

Here's what is happening:

• When the CUVA software is started, it will sometimes see the IP phone. As soon as you make a call the connection to the IP phone drops. (Unified Video Advantage is not connected to any phone error). A yellow triangle with exclamation point appears over the CUVA systray icon.

• Starting CUVA after the call is made is the same. IP phone picture is grayed out (Cisco IP phone not present error). A yellow triangle with an exclamation point appears over the CUVA systray icon.

• Letting CUVA sit open in hopes that it eventually associates itself with the phone doesn't always work. Maybe one of the two CUVA will recognize the phone but no video will work on the call.

Tried increasing camera video did not fix the problem.

Increased bandwidth at the location in did not fix the problem.

Pulled the cable to physically reset the phone, and reset the phone device in CCM, and reboot the pc...this did not fix the problem.

Ran the diagnostic detail log on CUVA but it captured nothing when the problem is happening (Cisco IP phone not present error). It logged only when video conference is working. When the CUVA connection to phone drops no error on screen except the Remote Video Windows going dark and closing and the log stops capturing data.

Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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Tim Smith
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Level 4

Since you have it working sometimes, I'm assuming CUCM is setup correctly.

Is this just 2 phones? or is this all your phones?

Is there AV / personal firewall software is running on the PC's? You might want to try and disable it completely and test.

I've had intermittent results with Symantec on both CUVA and IPCC enterprise silent monitoriung in the past.




CUCM is setup correctly as far as I know.

We can do Polycom video calls just fine and AFAIK we can do pc video calls on 7970 phones just fine.

Even though we are testing this at one location I there have been reports of CUVA not working for users at other locations.

It really just got installed for a list of employees throughout the company here so we are in the beginning stages at this time.

Also we are running Symantec so maybe we can try it with that disabled and see what happens.

I opened a TAC case and they are suggesting a firmware upgrade so I will install firmware on the three 7961s we are using for testing and see if that helps.

Jeffrey Knuckle
Level 1
Level 1

There is a documented bug where CUVA takes a long time to associate with the IP Phone.

I could not find the bug info to post but I believe that firmware version 8.3.4SR1S has the fix, you can contact TAC to confirm.

Right on.

Yeah TAC suggested upgrading the firmware to 8.3(5) but I need to upgrade our CUCMs anyway which will include an even newer firmware than it looks like we will test again after I finish the CUCM upgrade and I can report back at that time.

Make sure you are also running CUVA 2.1.2. I have had a lot of similar problems with CUVA associating to phones with version 2.1.1.



Well several weeks ago I upgraded our CCM cluster to which includes firmware version SCCP41.8-4-2S.

This made a definite improvement and now we have CUVA calls working successfully within all of our facilities and between all of our facilities...except there is still a local CUVA problem at our facility in Waipahu, Hawaii.

At our Waipahu, Hawaii facility CUVA consistently fluctuates between recognizing the phone and not recognizing the phone and as a result CUVA calls between phones within the Waipahu facility consistently fail.

If CUVA is actually working correctly at Waipahu and a CUVA call is attempted between two phones there the call gets connected and the video drops right when video would normally start.

We are not running any local PC firewalls.

We normally run AV but even with AV disabled on the Waipahu PCs CUVA still has this problem.

We tried CUVA 2.1.2 but it did not help fix the problem.

I increased the bandwidth for the Waipahu Region in our Call Manager by twice and then by twice again and it did not help fix the local CUVA problem at Waipahu.

CUVA calls are working between sites just fine though.

CUVA calls even work fine between our Waipahu, Hawaii facility and another site as long as CUVA is working properly at the time the call is made from Waipahu or to Waipahu.

If CUVA is failing to recognize the phone at Waipahu when a call is attempted from Waipahu or to Waipahu then the video portion fails...which is what I would expect to happen.

Something local to Waipahu seems to be keeping CUVA from working properly?

It's strange that calls to remote sites work but calls within Waipahu fail.

My understanding is that CUVA and the phone communicate directly to each other via CDP during normal conditions.

When there is no call being made and the Waipahu phone is left idle CUVA will eventually lose recognition of the phone and then eventually regain recognition of the phone...the problem is only at this one site.

Any ideas?