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CUWL Question


I am running a BE 7.1 that I purchased with a 50 CUWL bundle.... I understand that the CUWL licensing model is based on a per user basis, where all features for that user are availalbe for use. However, in looking at the way the licensing is displayed in the System/Licensing Unit Report Screen it is still listed as DLU's and as a result I have many more DLU's than I need for 50 users because I have not enabled all of the available features for each user.

That being said, it would also appear that I am now able to add users without more purchasing licensing, due to the avialable DLU's I have not used. Is this possible? and is it a breach of the licensing agreement? I certainly would like to be able to add users without purchasing more CUWL and understanding that I would not have UCSS, but I do not want to go down that path, or recommend that path to my customers if it is a breach of the licensing agreement.

Anyone have any thoughts?



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Re: CUWL Question

Hi Heath,

Don't forget that DLU's are related to Phone Licenses and are weighted

based upon the IP Phone model being utilised. So you will always have a high number of DLU's

(for 50 users this could be 250-300 DLU's)

Please see the table below to identify how many DLU's are required per phone model.

Device Type - Cost in DLUs

Cisco VGC Phone (Voice Gateway Controlled, e.g. behind VG248)

Cisco VGC Virtual Phone (Voice Gateway Controlled, e.g. behind VG248)

Analog Phone

CTI Port

0 -DLU's

Cisco Unified IP Phone 7902

Cisco Unified Mobile Communicator

Cisco Unified Presence user

1 -DLU's

Cisco Unified IP Phone 7905, 7906G, 7910, _12_S, 12 SP, 12 SP Plus, 30 SP Plus ATA 186, 3911

Cisco Unified Mobility user (hardphone + mobile device) H.323 Client

2 -DLU's

Cisco Unified IP Phone 7911G, 7912, 7937

Cisco IP Communicator

Cisco Unified Personal Communicator

3 -DLU's

Cisco Unified IP Phone 7920, 7921, 7925, 7931G

Cisco Unifed Mobility user (MobileConnect only - no hardphone)

4 -DLU's

Cisco Unified IP Phone 7935, 7936

3 -DLU's

Cisco Unified IP Phone 7940, 7941, 7941G-GE, 7942G, 7945G, 7960, 7961, 7961GGE,

7962G, 7965G

4 -DLU's

Cisco Unified IP Phone 7970, 7971, 7975G 5 -DLU's

Cisco Unified IP Phone 7985

TelePresence endpoints: CTS 1000, CTS 3000

IP-STE (Secure Terminal Equipment) Endpoint

6 -DLU's

Third-party SIP Device (Basic) 3 -DLU's

Third-party SIP Device (Advanced)6 -DLU's

Third-party Dual-mode Mobile Device 6-DLU's

Other Phone 5 -DLU's

Hope this helps!



Re: CUWL Question

Hi Heath,

in addition to Rob's post it should be noted that if you are on the CUWL licensing model you are licensed for the number of users on the system despite the fact that the model is enforced via DLUs.  When you purchase a CUWL user license you get a certain number of DLUs for that user (I think it was 19 DLUs per standard user last time I checked) which can be applied to give them the device and mobility rights that have been purchased.  If you are adding more users to the system you need to purchase additional licenses using the CMBE-WRKSP-BDL partcode and select ADD-ON users and the UCSS to match.