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Vigeesh Mohandas

Database communication error on CUCM admin webpage login

Hi Guys,

We had installed a new  CUCM8.5 on ESXI 5 UCS210 C series server. we have only one publisher and backup by SRST on single site on two 3945 router.

ISSUE: Suddenly CUCM service goes down. CUCM IP address was ping able but we were not able to login to cisco unified administration , servicablility webpage  showing with error " Database communication error". but we were able to login to cisco unified OS administration page.

We tried to restart the server through cisco unified OS administration page it was not happening  & Using Vsphere client CLI console  was not responding for CLI shutdown/restart.

We tried to power down the CUCM through VMware it was also not responding.

Finally we power down the server physically and started it again. Now the ESXi got UP and we power ON the CUCM VMware machine through Vsphere client.

Now the CUCM service got UP and all the IP phone from SRST mode got registered with CUCM, calls are going fine and we are now able to login to webpages.

But when we tried to login in to CLI console suddenly continues error was displaying

ERROR : " EXT3-fs error (device sdb1) in start_transaction :journal has adorted "

What is the cause of this issue?

how can we rectify this issue?

Please respond immediately it a production setup.

Thanks in advance.

Vigeesh Kalathil


Accepted Solutions
Robert Thomas
Rising star

If you are seen ERROR : " EXT3-fs error (device sdb1) in start_transaction :journal has adorted "

Your VM has gone into read only, and most likely is corrupted by now. This usually happens if you loose connection to your SAN, your SAN experienced latency, or you might be running into this known condition.

Not much to do here, reimage and restore from the last backup.

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Gajanan Pande
Cisco Employee


I couldnt find anything w.r.t. error message. For now, as the calling is unaffected, I suggest you let it go & do a gracefull restart to the CUCM application & ESXi ( Power Off the VM ) after office hours to see if you still face the CLI error.

Let us know how it goes.


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Hi Vigeesh,

                     There is a bug for similar issue but that is for the MCS servers.

So i suspect that there must be something wrong in the virtual center that the UCS is running. May be you want to open a TAC case so that they can take a look into it with logs.

Hope this helps.


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CSCsv49493 Bug ; this bug normally seen on HP MCS server's

We are using UCS 210c ,ESXI 5

CUCM system version

Vmware installation : 2Vcpu intel (R) Xeon(R) CPU E5640 @ 2.67 GHz, Disk1:80 Gb disk2 :80 Gb 6144 Mb RAM.

we have total 10 harddisk, 2 for ESXI with RAID 1, rest 8 harddisk on RAID 5 as cisco recommended.

OVA template create two 80 Gb virtual hard disk from 8 physical harddisk with RAID 5

How we will do the workaround in VMware Setup.

let me try the graceful restart first then we wil go to next step.

Thanks for all replys

Vigeesh kalathil

Okay i will try it.

What you think cause for "Database communication error" when trying to login to webpages.

Is it any database error? or any file corrupted?

We had not made any changes on IP address.

As this error message is continues i can't login to CLI. we can restart only through cisco unified OS administration webpage.

what is your opinion?


The most common issue with DB communiction error is due to tomcat service. If Tomcat service is gone bad, the DB communication will have issues.


Ronak patel

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Usually, " Database Comm error " is shown after the CUCM Hostname or IP is changed ( incorrectly ). If you have not done any of them, then let's wait for Restart to see if the issue persists.


Ya you are right let try the restart first.

Hi Guys,

As discussed , we tried to restart/shutdown the CUCM through cisco unified OS administration webpage but it's not getting restarted/shutdown.

And we are not able to login to CLI console, error message is continuously displaying.

I hope its a Bug

Please advise what to do next.

Thanks in advance

Vigeesh kalathil


This is something i feel serious becos if you forcefully shut the server again, it might result into more complications e.g. file corruption etc. As the server is already in production, my sincere suggestion to you would be to have it examined by Cisco TAC. Most likely they might ask you to upgrade the server to more stable version either by issuing an Engineering Special ( ES ) patch or ask you to upgrade to next main release.



Thanks for your reply

Vigeesh Kalathil

Hi ,

We are having DRS backup of the system , If restoring the system with DRS backup; will it cause any file corruption?

Thanks in advance.

Vigeesh Kalathil


DRS back up will backup DB also , so no point of file corruption.


Ronak Patel

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can you try to restart the DB service manullay from CLI

Utils Service restart  "A Cisco DB"

I am seeing the exact same issue with identical setup. Were you able to find the culprit?

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