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Dedicated MGCP FXO port to line button on IP phone

Hi all,

I have a design problem replicating Ericsson MD110 ADN feature on Cisco CUCM 8.6.1, and any help / suggestion is appreciated !

Customer is Power distribution company, and Dispatching center is the issue. There is one main dispatching center, and 17 local dispatching centers. On main center is located dispatching crew that works 24/7, and on local centers there is one dispatcher and several electro-technicians (field workers). All locations are geographically dislocated, and links between them are trout Telco using dedicated FXO ports/ public lines.

On the main site (with CUCM/MGCP GW) is located many dispatching phones (for explaining - only two) with dedicated line buttons representing FXO ports (17 of them). Purpose of this setup is to enable any/all local dispatcher’s to call main center on dedicated phone number (tied to dedicated phone button) and establish a call.

My (replicated)setup is like this:

On Dispatcher phone primary line (line 1) DN 4001 (400x for other phones) with many other DN's (line 2 - 18) with DN numbers 9902 - 9918.

Incoming call from dispatcher's phone: Additional directory numbers are defined as "Attendant DN" on the MGCP port configuration, so incoming call on every FXO port rings on dedicated DN / line button, on dispatcher's phone - dispatcher presses ringing button and receives the call.

Outgoing call from dispatcher's phone: Dispatcher presses line button of the local dispatching center, dial the public number, and local dispatcher receives the call. (Dialing the number is the problem - they want to just press the button, and establish the call !!!).

My first option was to configure every 99xx DN with PLAR (as in document: and it works for outgoing call - press the button, translation pattern insert's 98xx.1234xx (strip pre-dot - send rest trout dedicated MGCP FXO port). - Problem is that with this setup I loose incoming calls !!! When incoming call rings 99xx button, and I press it, it automatically dial's outgoing number !!! result is "Your call cannot be completed as dialed.." for FXO port is busy !!!

Also, I find no other option to auto dial phone number on key press, and still keep incoming call on that button !

Second option is to configure SD buttons for outgoing call (number 99xx.1234xx), and direct incoming calls trout Hunt Pilot/Group/List to ring on primary DN on Dispatcher's phone's. It is working (must add Caller ID presentation to be able to distinguish who is calling), but there is another problem, Dispatcher is not able to pick up distinct call, from many incoming calls at same time (easy doable in first setup by pressing the dedicated button).

Soooo, I'm running round in circles, not be able to figure out correct setup !!!  (where is CME / key system when I need one !?)

Please HELP !!!

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