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Default translation pattern for no match

Is it possible to setup a translation pattern that would say for any inbound call on a DID if their is not a matching pattern goto an extension.

i.e. we have many DIDs and not all are loaded into CUCM, so for the ones that are not loaded into CUCM transfer to the call center.

Currently when it is not in the translation pattern we get a call cannot be completed message

Jagpreet Barmi
Cisco Employee


If you have all the the DIDs routing directly to extensions in one partition only, you can try to create a new translation pattern with wildcard (eg: !) in the same partition.

This will route the calls to the extensions if there is a exact match. However, if there is no exact match, it will route to the translation pattern (provided that its in the same partition).

I would appreciate if you can provide a detailed call flow to understand requirement better and draft the best action plan.


Jagpreet Singh Barmi

Hi Jagpreet,

    An example of a flow would be the following:

An inbound call from PSTN comes in on a DID we own, 123-456-7890 and we translate that to extension 5555.

But we also own DID 123-456-7891 and we do not have a translation pattern for it, so I would want to send that call to 6666 instead.

I am sort of looking for a catch all, kind of an if-than-else statement, but it is else portion.  We have many random single DIDs aquired over the years when our retail offices had simple key systems, but now they are all centralized and on SIP, ringing into the same CM.  Many are no longer used in marketing so I would them to just go to customer service should some oen find and dial the number instead of an error message


So, I believe that all the calls to the DIDs are routed via translation patterns.

As suggested, you can create a translation pattern with a wildcard ! in the same partition as the other translation patterns translating to extensions.

The call manager will look into its dial plan and will select it if there is no better match.



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