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delayed voice mail issue cisco unity connection (cucmbe)

hi folks,

i have a user and she is randomly getting her voice message after a week. is there any way to reproduce this issue as it rarely happens.

Cisco Employee


There is no way you can reproduce because we dont know whats causing it. You have to monitor her mails closely and try to isolate the issue. Like is this happening with internal or external calls, is this happening with voicemails which are left during peak business hours.


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Is there any tool available that can trace messages in unity connection and how far it can go back also do you think setting up traces is a good idea, my only concern is performance since we dont know when it will occur in future.



I am not sure if there is any tool available for that purpose. Can you ask user, how is she sure that she is facing that issue. I mean is the time stamp is of a week back or she confirms with the user who left the message.

How many times till now she has faced this issue ?


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Hi there,

Maybe this would work

Subscriber Message Activity Report

Use the Subscriber Message Activity report to diagnose voice message problems reported by a subscriber (for example, voice messages are not being sent or received, or the message waiting indicator is not being turned on or off properly). You generate this report for an individual subscriber only.

The Subscriber Message Activity report includes the following information:

Date and Time The date and time that the subscriber took action on the message.

Source Either the computer or the phone that generated the message activity.

Action Taken in Response to Message The activity that took place in regards to voice messages (for example, New Message, Message Read, Save, Delete, Mark New, Login, and Logoff).

The actions MWI On Requested and MWI On Completed indicate, respectively, that Cisco Unity sent a request to the phone system to turn on the MWI and received a request-completed confirmation. In cases where the phone system does not provide a confirmation, Cisco Unity assumes the request was successful.

Number of New Messages The number of new voice messages in the subscriber mailbox.

Sender's Name and DTMF The name and extension of the message sender, if known.

Date and Time Message Arrived The date and time that the message arrived in the mailbox.

Dial Out Number The number to which a message notification was sent.

Dial Out Result The result of the outgoing call for the message notification. Possible results include:

Busy The dialed number was busy.

Connected The called party answered the phone.

Failure The call failed.

Port Disabled All ports for outgoing calls were disabled.

Port Unavailable No ports were available for the outgoing call.

RNA (Ring No Answer) The dialed number did not answer.

Release The result is unknown. This typically happens for notifications sent to pagers.

Unknown The result is unknown.



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