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Delete license on CUCM 9.x

Hi everyone

I have installed 2 licenses (Advanced and Enhanced) on my CUCM 9 but only one is used for my instance. I need delete one license (Advanced) for my CUCM uses the enhanced license.

How is that possible?



Accepted Solutions

an upgrade to 9.1 should resolve that issue as 9.1 got rid of Advanced License type so IP Communicators would then be able to use your other licenses.

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Your post is not very clear.  Can you post some screenshots and explain what you're seeing versus what you expect should be happening?

Hi Brian

I seeing that the License Advanced is used for my instance and the enhanced is not.

I need that my CUCM use the Enhanced License, my customer bought that license.

Additionaly I seeing this error on my CUCM.

The system is operating with an insufficient number of licenses. If  additional licenses to cover the shortage are not configured in your  Enterprise License Manager within 13 days, you will no longer be able to  provision users and devices.


If you go into CallManager, go to System->Licensing->License Usage Report.  You can click on the devices/users using the Advanced license to see what model phones they're using.  What version of CUCM/ELM is this?  We got rid of Advanced licenses a few versions ago.  It used to be required for IP Communicator devices.

Hi ,

It seems that u do not have Advanced license .

The endpoints as shown in snapshot License2 have borrowed license from CUWL Premium which I suppose are 5 [purchased ] in number while other devices under Advanced are showing "Insufficient licenses" since they do not have any more licenses to be borrowed from or have of their own.



Hi Brian

It´s CUCM 9.0.

All my IPCOMMs are on Advanced License.

Then, is your recommendation that we do an upgrade for fix this issue?


an upgrade to 9.1 should resolve that issue as 9.1 got rid of Advanced License type so IP Communicators would then be able to use your other licenses.

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Hi Brian,

It is a learning for me.[+5] for you.

Is there any supporting DOC which mentions about the same?



Rob Huffman
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Hi Aman,

You will see this note in the CUCM 9.1.1 release notes


Advanced UCL and UWL Premium license types are no longer applicable.  The following device types, previously under Advanced UCL and UWL  Premium, now require the Enhanced License type:

  • Cisco IP Communicator
  • Cisco Unified Personal Communicator
  • Carrier-Integrated Mobile
  • Unified Client Services Framework
  • Cisco Telepresence EX60
  • Cisco Telepresence EX90
  • Cisco Dual Mode for Android
  • Cisco Dual Mode for iPhone
  • Cisco Unified Mobile Communicator
  • IMS-integrated Mobile
Important:  Extension Mobility has been removed as a licensed user feature in Cisco  Unified Communications Manager 9.1(1a).  Users that have only Extension  Mobility configured no longer require an Essential license.  Extension  Mobility is configured when a device profile is entered for Extension  Mobility in the End User Configuration.

Enhanced Plus UCL has been added, which includes the same device  types and features as the Enhanced License type,  and allows for up to  two devices per user.

Cisco Unified Workspace License (UWL) Standard allows for up to ten devices per user.

Customers who upgrade to Unified Communications Manager Release  9.1(1a) from Release  9.0(1) must update their license file. Customers  were issued Unified Communications Manager UWL Premium licenses for  Enhanced, Enhanced Plus and UWL Standard in order to provide Jabber for  Mobile and Jabber for Desktop clients in the Release 9.0(1) release.  These licenses were installed and recognized on Enterprise License  Manager Release 9.0(1) as UWL Premium.

In addition, license migration requests for upgrades to Release   9.0(1) included fulfillments of Advanced UCL licenses. However, when a  Release 9.0(1) system is upgraded to Release 9.1(1a) the licenses for  Advanced and UWL Premium will no longer be valid. Customers that have  UWL Premium or Advanced UCL licenses on their 9.0(1) system must upgrade  Enterprise License Manager to Release 9.1(1a) and submit their Release  9.0(1) license file to Cisco for conversion to Release 9.1(1a) licenses.  The conversion to Release 9.1(1a) licenses will restore the original  entitlements for Enhanced, Enhanced Plus and UWL Standard licenses.  If  your license file includes UWL Premium or Advanced UCL, contact  Cisco  at for license file replacement.

Once a customer upgrades Unified Communications Manager to Release  9.1(1a) from Release 9.0(1), they must upgrade Enterprise License  Manager to Release 9.1(1a) as well. Enterprise License Manager Release  9.0(1) will not recognize Unified Communications Manager Release 9.1(1a)  license requirements.



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Hi Rob,

Thanks for answering to my query[+5]



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