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Design of CME sites



is it possible that in a region One main site (being used as SRST Site also) is connedted to CUCM 7. Other small offices in that specific region will connect to main site (using cme) .

If we dont want to connect small offices to CUCM . What can be the possible scenarios keeping in view the Corp directory to be used in small offices too and can we get CDR recode for that site. Thanks

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paolo bevilacqua
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For corporate directory, you can use the CUCM one on CME.

For CDRs, you want a true call cost reporting application for CME, you will have to buy it.

it means its possible that small offices running cme can connect to main site site which is connected to CUCM and acting as SRST site???.

Is there any cisco recommended design for small offices? Thanks


Yes, you can enable IP connectivity between the small offices to the main site in that region to reach HQ site. Once this is done, you must think in some general ideas to choose the best deployment model.

For example, if WAN connectivity is stable, you can run a Multisite Centralized deployment. Branch IP phones will register to the CUCM cluster in the HQ site. You must run SRST/CME-as-SRST in your branch offices and add some local lines for PSTN access. This model will reduce administration and maintenance.

In the other hand, if your WAN connectivity is unstable and prone to flapping states, then you can run a Multisite Distributed deployment. You will run CME in your branch offices for local registration of IP phones and add local lines as a primary option for PSTN access or as a backup option. The distributed model will introduce more administration and maintenance.

Remember that, in either deployment model, you should implement an end-to-end QoS strategy.

You can read more from here:

Hope it helps, please rate if it does.


- Adrian.

thnx for ur support. I am going to instal one standalone CUCME on remore site. Can i connect it to my Voice Gateway (running h323 protocol) which is connected to CUCM 7.1

If so, can i route my call from standalone CME to my voice gateway having 30 channel PRI.

Even though, Voice gateway is connected to CUCM, i can its local pstn for my remore site running standalone CUCME.

Can you refer me to some running configuration examples for this. Thanks

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