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Deskphone, Jabber(Full UC) and Jabber(Full UC) on Android - 3 Devices per person with the same number.

Hi Guys


We are about to install the Collaboration Flex Named Users - which entitles us to 5 devices per User. Is it possible for us to configure it in the manner below.


User A, Extension Number 1000

The User will have Deskphone, Jabber(Full UC) on Windows and Jabber(Full UC) on Android

When extension 1000 is dialed, all the three phones - Deskphone, Jabber on Windows and Jabber on Android will ring together.

The User can answer the call from any of the device.


Secondly, if the User answered the call at the Deskphone, he can push the call to the Jabber on Android when moving out of the office. The same call would be transferred from the Deskphone to the Jabber on Android without the person knowing this on the other side of the line.


I will be grateful if someone can explain how can the above be configured in CUCM - On Premises and whether we need to allocated different extension number to each of these devices - Deskphone, Windows Jabber and Android Jabber and create a Hunt Group of these extensions. Example Hunt Group 1000, has members Deskphone 1001, Windows Jabber 1002, and Android Jabber - 1003. And we configure 1000 as a Ring Group of Parallel Ringing.


Also from Call Accounting side, how we do track all of these different numbers. Since one User will have now 3 devices if we will require each device to have a extension number of its own.


I will be grateful for any advice.







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