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Developer Question: E911 Reporting


We are running CM 4.1.3 in a network with 12 sites ad about 600 phones. We are also a large user of 911 services. There were over 30 911 calls last week.

Anyway, we've created our own 911 monitoring and alerting system that works great. It ties in MSSQL and the CDR database and sends an email to specific people when 911 is called.

We plan to migrate to CM 5.x (maybe 6.x) and need to recreate the 911 alerting system. Any ideas as to where to start? Are there APIs or other developer tools that will give me access to the DB?



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Frequent Contributor

You would need to create the PS-ALI database from scratch, matching each extension with an emergency response location (ERL). You then upload that to the PSAP. Provide either PRI or CAMA trunks for 911. Caller dials 911, CLID gives the PSAP the location through a dip in the MSAG, and emergency services respond to the correct location.

Thanks for the reply but that wasn't what I was asking. I already have my E911 solution in place and working well.

What I need is a method of alerting certain users when 911 is dialed. This is keeping me from upgrading past 4.x. What is the 5.x and 6.x database? How do I interface with it?

Thanks again.

The database is informix but I would not know how to interface with it the way you are talking.

The other person was talking about CER Cisco Emergency Responder. Your best bet would be to purchase this as it will interface for you and it is a pretty good system. Cisco came out with CER 2.0 which is also on a linux box.

Hope this helps some


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