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device matrix for version 11.x

Can anyone point me in the direction of a hardware matrix or something that I can use to verify phone model support? We have acquire a new location and need documentation to support the fact some of their portable Cisco phones are no longer supported. Specifically looking for info on Cisco CP-7920 and CP-8821.


Thanks ...



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Re: device matrix for version 11.x

Hi Brent,


The only model that you listed that is nearing end of support is the 7920. It is one of the "Deprecated" models beginning in CUCM 11.5(x);


The following phone models are deprecated and are not supported by Cisco Unified Communications Manager Release 11.5(x). If you are using any of these phone models and you upgrade to release 11.5(x), you will be unable to use the phone after the upgrade. After you switch over to the new release, registration on the phone will be blocked.

  • Cisco IP Phone 12 S


  • Cisco IP Phone 12 SP


  • Cisco IP Phone 12 SP+


  • Cisco IP Phone 30 SP+


  • Cisco IP Phone 30 VIP


  • Cisco Unified IP Phone 7902G


  • Cisco Unified IP Phone 7905G


  • Cisco Unified IP Phone 7910


  • Cisco Unified IP Phone 7910G


  • Cisco Unified IP Phone 7910+SW


  • Cisco Unified IP Phone 7910G+SW


  • Cisco Unified IP Phone 7912G


  • Cisco Unified Wireless IP Phone 7920


  • Cisco Unified IP Conference Station 7935

From this Field Notice;


You're good to go with the 8821;


Cisco Unified Communications Manager


9.1(2),10.5(2), 11.0(1), 11.5(1),and later






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Re: device matrix for version 11.x

7920 were EOLDS in 2009 -

88XX series are fairly new and don't have a EOL/EOS announced yet.

7920 end points were deprecated with 11.5 version. Check the release notes for the UC version that you have. 88XX series would be still supported.

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Re: device matrix for version 11.x

As Rob mentions, the deprecated endpoints are listed in the RNs, and the answer depends on the EXACT release you have, and if you have DevPacks or not.

The exact list of what devices can be added/configured in your CUCM, can change from one SU to other, or if you have installed DevPacks (which means there are N number of combos possible), that's why there is no way to have that published and you need to review what shows in the drop-down when you try to add a new device.



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