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Device Profile update location setting on phone

Hey guys --

I've got a tough one that maybe you can help me with.  In our setup we have 30 remote sites, but no call traffic is allowed to traverse the WAN.  Instead we have a private SDN ATT network for all site to site calls.

We do however, allow the first 5 VM calls to traverse the WAN, and the 6+ call is sent via the PSTN and AAR.  So all that said, our problem is with extension mobility.  We have users that travel sites frequently.  The ideal situation would be for a user to log into any site and be able to receive/place calls from that site.

Well everything is working except the receiving calls part.  Currently, if the location bandwidth is fully utilized at the site they are visiting, they will not be able to receive the call.  Let's use an example:

User's home site is Site A, but he travels to Site B, at Site B he logs in no problem.  Someone calls this user who's DID resides on a PRI in SIte A, the Site A gateway sends the call to his device profile.  However his new phone is in the Site B location with limited bandwidth.  The call fails due to "Not enough bandwidth".  I could update the phone's location for the interim, but that defeats the easy process of extension mobility.

Also, I thought about using AAR in this instance, but the call would be in a loop, calling the same number over and over.

Any ideas?  Let me know if you need further clarification.



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