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DHCP Option 150 Scope Change and Verification

Previously we had DHCP Option 150 configured on our Windows 2012 DHCP Server with only one TFTP IP Address, and are changing the DHCP Option 150 configuration to an ARRAY with 4 TFTP Addresses.  Now that we did this, we tested by rebooting a Cisco phone. The phone reloaded, and it grabbed a correct DHCP Address.  My question is, is there a way to verify from the Cisco phone that is recognizes all 4 TFTP IP Addresses we configured in the new DHCP Option 150 Array? 

Mohammed al Baqari
VIP Advisor

Yes you can.

For 79xx phones hit settings > 2 > 1 > scroll down to see tftp server 1 and
tftp server 2
For 88xx/99xx hit settings > 4 > 1 > 1 > 1 > scroll down to see tftp server
1 and tftp server 2

Thanks for the reply Mohammad.  For the 78xx series phones, it shows only two TFTP IP's.  If we have 4 TFTP IP's in the DHCP array will the other two IP's (TFTP Server's 3&4 appear on the phone if the first two TFTP servers go offline? 

I believe the 78XX phones only store 2 TFTP IPs.  If you go to a phone's webpage by going to the IP address of the phone using a web browser there are only two fields for TFTP servers.  However, there are fields for 5 CUCM servers.


**note that you must enable web access on the phone in order to see its webpage. this is done on the phone's configuration page in CUCM.

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