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Gianluca Fedele

Dial Peer for specific phone registered in BE6000


we have a BE6000 with 40 VOIP phones registered, and we use a 2900 as gateway for E1 and GSM connection.

So when a VOIP phone dial an external number, BE6000 send the call to ISR and ISR use Dial Peers to call through E1 port or GSM FXO.

I need to create a specific dial peer in the ISR for just some phones (directors and meeting rooms always using E1).

I know ISR can do it with ephone, but all my phones are registered in BE6000, and ISR treat any call coming from BE6000 at the same way not depending on which phone is making the call.

And I didn`t found in dial peers a way to use an outgoing dial peer voice pots depending on the calling id.

Anyone has a clue to help me? Thanks.


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Chris Deren
Hall of Fame Master

See this thread going on now as well, where you can apply the same logic:

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Chris Deren
Hall of Fame Master

See this thread going on now as well, where you can apply the same logic:

Let me understand: instead filtering by calling number, I create a rule on these specific phones to change the destination number, for exemple adding a prefix 9999.

Then I create a dial peer for destination numbers with this prefix.

Is this your suggestion?

It could work... I just have to find out how create a rule for some phones in BE6000

Correct, there is no rule on BE6K, BE6K is CUCM, so you prefix the digits either on route pattern or route list.

Thanks Chris!

Maybe I still need a little help...

I created a Device Pool Preferential with my "special phones" and associated it with a Route Group Preferential and a Route List Preferential.

Now I can easily add a steering code prefix in a Route Pattern, but there is a problem: it looks like it doesn`t matter who is the caller, the Route Pattern is chosen only depending the destination pattern.

I need to use different pattern (and different prefix) depending if the calling is or is not in my preferential device group. Is it possible?

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