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dial-peer pots incoming redirect

there is a command that is equivalet to the connection PLAR of the voice port, for the dial-peer pots ??.

my problem is that i want to connect an ephone with a specific called isdn number.

the isdn bri haven't DID.

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paolo bevilacqua
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Hi, the simpler way is to add the called number as "secondary" under ephone-dn.

This assume you're using CME, if not, please clarify.

yes is a CME,

ok i use a dial-peer that not use a incoming called-number but destination-pattern ?

You don't need any DP. Either configure secondary number for DN as suggested above, or translate the called number to an extension number, via voice translation-profile and translation-rule.

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the conf not work the isdn not go to up

see the debug

Have you associated the ephone-dn to an ephone via button command ?

Note, generally you want to use dual-line ephone-dn, else you won't be able to do consultive transfer, call-waiting, etc.

yes i have to change the dn with dual-line but the result it's the same

ephone 18

mac-address 001B.5452.FC51

type 7911

button 1:31

Please send output of "show ephone 001B.5452.FC51" and if it is REGISTERED send output of "debug isdn q931". No other debugs are to be enabled.

see the attachment

Please send output of "show diag". You might be using a WIC BRI card for data, or not have the necessary PVDM2 card. See:

Jun 9 16:51:21 UTC: ISDN BR3/1 Q931: TX -> RELEASE_COMP pd = 8 callref = 0x9C

Cause i = 0x80AF - Resource unavailable, unspecified

see the attachment :)

Hi, you have 1 of:


That is enough for 4 calls, meaning 2 x ISDN BRI, but you have four ports of this kind currently installed.

Then you have:

1 x PVDM-12=

But that is the wrong type for a 1760, and is not supported, see:


- Remove PVDM-12 in internal slot 1

- Remove VIC-2BRI in either slot 2 or slot 3.

And you should be able to call. To use the additional BRI ports, you need to obtain another PVDM-256K-xx

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but if i use bri 2/1 with primary number and then i use dn with the primary number, the bri go to up but not to go with the dn and ephone.

Sorry, I don't understand that. What I can tell you is that the error message is due to insufficient PVDM resources.

well see the attachment

(out call with this PVDM are all ok and are ok if I use bri associated with ivr)

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