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Direct Transfere between 2 Calls each on a different DN

I have this client that used to have a PBX and now switched to IP telephony with CUCM 9.x

The operator used to have a feature that allowed him to do a direct transfere between 2 external calls while he himself steps out of the call (No Conferance). 

I Need something similar to this other than starting a call with a Meet-Me number and transfering both call to that number. ( The Operators a Dum and found this proceedure very complicated and hard).

I Need a 1 button step solution  like a Direct Transfere.

Thanks for your Help


Reply From Cisco TAC:

You need to enable this option “Join Across Lines” under phone configuration page >> change its value to ON >> save >> Reset the phone.

Once you enable that feature, and you have 2 active calls on the same phone, press on the JOIN softkey for the first call, then press on the second line, this will make a conference call.

Please make sure this parameter “Drop Ad Hoc Conference” is set to “never”.

Form CUCM webpage >> system >> Service Parameter >> select any server >> select “Call Manager” service >> Change this parameter Drop Ad Hoc Conference to “never” >> save.

When the conference start, the user can leave without any problem. (I have tested that in the lab and it is working fine).


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Please explain the call flow ie where and how the calls arrive and how they did it on the old system,

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Calls are coming from a GSM gateway through a sip trunk to the CUCM.
The GSM Gateway has 4 SIM cards.
Each SIM is configured to route incoming calls to one of 4 DNs.
The Operator's Phone has these 4 DNs configured and each has its own CSS that contains a unique partition that has route patterns that add a prefix to the called number and sends it to GSM gateway. The prefix is used for SIM selection on the GSM gateway before it gets stripped.

Now the operator can join 2 calls made on 2 different lines together using the "Join" button.
I hope this is useful because I had trouble with it.
I opened a case and started this discussion at the same time looking for a quick solution.

And I Got a solution from cisco TAC as mentioned.

On the Old PBX, they had small GSM gateways each with 1 SIM and these gateways had each an FXS port that connect to an FXO on the PBX.

They used to do conference between both calls on the old Analogue phones.

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