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Directory Lookup for Sip phones -- CME

Hi Experts,

I have CME 10.5 running on 2901 IOS 15.0.

The issue is that i have configured the local directory under the telephony service and i have configure the service dnis dir-lookup.

SCCP phones can display the lookup name as specified in the configuration (directory 1 number xxx name xxxxxx) when external call comes in but sip phones cant

I got cisco sip phone 8845

any solution or workaround for this

Cisco Employee

You have configured it for

You have configured it for the SCCP phones, but for the sip phones you have to follow the procedure here:


Thanks for your reply jabritt

Thanks for your reply jabritt,

the problem still exist, what i did is:

voice register dn 100 

number xxxxxxxxx (my mobile number)

name Soltan (my name)

and still when i call from my mobile to the office number it displays the name as Unknown

Cisco Employee

If your trying to get caller

If your trying to get caller id on external calls that's totally different. Each provider has a different can be different,

However in SIP most of the time the caller id is delivered by the remote party id header.

Under the SIP-UA you can try entering the "remote-party-id" command and if thats how your provider is delivering it you should see the caller ID.

Of course im making an assumption. What I need to know is what's you call flow?


Provider--> ?protocol?connection type? -->GW-->protocol?--phone (we know phone is sip)  But anytime you have a issue with VOIP, those are the first things as an engineer I'm going to ask.


Hi Jabritt,

Hi Jabritt,

I have no problem in getting the caller id to appear in the sip phones, the issue is:

under telephony-service, i added for example my mobile number to the local directory using the command (directory entry 1 xxxxxxxxx name myname) and then issued the command service dnis dir-lookup.

The connection  i have is FXO port to the PSTN 

Now when I call from my mobile, the caller id and my name as specified in the directory entry command will appear in the SCCP phones, however in the SIP phones, just the caller id and the name displays as unkown.

so i'm trying to find a workaround to get name displays instead of unkown on SIP phones



Did u find the solution?? 

Did u find the solution?? 


Unfortunately NO

Unfortunately NO


Re: Did u find the solution??

Still no solution, workaround?

facing the same issue.

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