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Disable 9971 select button LED while phone is in power-save mode

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Level 1

Some of our IP phones are located in bedrooms and at night when the phone goes into power-save mode, the select button LED lights up. It is bright enough to light up the room and cause people to complain. Is there any way to disable this LED from illuminating when the phone goes into power-save mode?

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Jaime Valencia
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Unfortunately no, there is no way. I suffer the same with mine at home, I just put a beanie over the keys as it's just too bright for a little button.



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Sounds like a feature request is needed. It may not be there now, but the fact that it is triggered to turn on by the power-save mode it should be easy enough to add an on off flag option.

Hi Guys, has anything changed by that time? :-)



Do we have any update on this feature, has it been implemented?


we have 8800 series and want to disable led on select.


Thanks in advance


No, answer remains the same.



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I guess it is time to cut out some electrical tape in the shape of a skinny doughnut.
A little bit harder than the square piece over my VCR's clock...

Definitely, need to do some un-practical item to rid of this


It is almost years, not sure what Cisco is doing on same. 

I actually created a Cricut design that mirrored the outer ring (a solid "wheel" with 4 holes at 12/3/6/9 o'clock), and cut it out in dark blue vinyl (the darkest I had in my pile of vinyl at home).


Blocks 90% of it.  Aahh, the darkness.

It is almost 4 years now on this topic and nothing has been done.

It should be now on top most priority.


Can this be taken for action? This would be a very useful feature to have.

Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


Looks like this enhancement was released in firmware 12.7 and 14

See bug

Unfortunately the bug docs as far as I can see don't give info on how to configure the circle LED. Maybe @aarapov  has access to more info on this since employee :) but I can't see that level of detail on the Bug Search Tool.