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Davide Fiumi

Disable CIPC's internal web server on Windows 7 with CM 4.3

Is there any way to DISABLE Cisco IP Communicator v.'s HTTP SERVER installed on a PC running WINDOWS 7 ? Unfortunately I can't do it via CM, since my version is CallManager 4.3 that does not have this option on Device configuration page. Please let me know if you ever founded a workaround for this.

Even procedure below does not seems to work.

Step 1 Open Windows regedit from the command line or from Start > Run.

Step 2 In regedit, choose HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Cisco Systems, Inc.\Communicator.

Step 3 From the Edit menu, choose New > DWORD value.

Step 4 Rename the value WebServerDisabled (this value does not appear by default) and set it to any non-zero value.

Step 5 To enable the web server again, delete this key or set it to zero.



I've just tried this on a couple of machines, and it looks like this reg key no longer works.

There is another registry key that controls this, but this is refreshed by CIPC each time you start the app - based on the 'Enabled Web Access' product-specific option in CCMAdmin.

I suspect that this means that when they added this option to CCM they dropped the manual registry key option. I can tell you that it doesn't appear to be Windows 7 specific, as the reg key doesn't work on my XP systems either.

It may be worth you raising a TAC case to verify whether there is a device pack or SR that will add the 'Web Access' parameter to your system...



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Chris Tolley

CUCM > Device > Phone > Find

Edit the CIPC device and scroll down to Product Specific Configuration Layout

Set Web Access to Disabled

Hello Chris,

That option is not available in CUCM versions prior to 6 and we're discussing over an old 4.3.

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