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disable-early-media 180 issue

when disable-early-media 180 is configured CUBE sends sip bye message as soon as an SIP OK (call answered) message is received, CUBE is between non cisco SIPserver and ITSP functioning as an SBC, the ITSP send early offer for all inbound calls and SIPserver responds with SIP 180 w/SDP but does not provide Ringback tone, we need help to resolve this issue.

Thanks in advance


If sip server sends 180 with SDP, then it has the responsiblity to provide ringback tone. Thats the RFC stipulation. I dont see how disabling early media will help you, because it is not CUBE that is responding with 180 with SDP, it is the sip server and CUBE is forwarding it to the ITSP.

If ITSP sends 183 with SDP or 180 w/SDP, ITSP has the responsibility to play the ringback or any audio, for the CUBE or CUCM, there is only one thing to do which is to cut through media,  by theory, the device along the way should not change it from 180 with SDP to 180 which will change the behavior and might cause further issue.

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you are correct the sip server should provide Ringback tone, but it does not and that is the problem and we use disable-early-media 180 to stop cube from converting sip 180 w/SDP to 183 w/SDP, but for some reason CUBE disconnects the call, if you know how to over come this from the CUBE please let me know.

thanks in advance

any one has the solution to this problem ?

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