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Disconnect Tone

minh pham

Hi guys,

I have a trouble with my CME, with FOX card, I've configured custome-cptone on voice-port FXO, but when I disconect call from PSTN, the call is not disconnected in my softphone.

PSTN --------------------- CME ------------------------- (plar) 8010

I've used CoolEditPro and Wireshark to measure the frequence and cadence, but it doesn't work.

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On your dial-peer please try the following order.

Dial-peer voice 8010 voip

dtmf-relay h245-alphanumeric h245-signal rtp-nte

under your ephone config:

ephone  1

device-security-mode none

type CIPC

Best Regards

thank you for your answer,

I've tried your suggestion, but it still not work,

have U any idea else, when I end call on my cell phone, the call in my softphone is still ringing. Then I call again, I have busy tone.

What codec is your CIPC using number one and number 2 please compare the following CIPC settings:

Remember as well that the CIPC makes use of the data VLAN.

Play around with the following codec settings and see if it makes a difference?

Best Regards

I don think my issue is codec or VLAN, and I dont use CUCM to register the phone, all my phone register on Router (CME).

Rejohn Cuares


What is that FOX card? Are you referring to FXO card? If so this document might assist you in troubleshooting your problem.

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Please rate replies and mark question as "answered" if applicable.


I used this document to configure my FOX card, but it not work correctly, as I description.

Have you tried setting up the CPTONE to the country you are in?

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Please rate replies and mark question as "answered" if applicable.

yes, i've tried configure, CPTONE but, my country "VIETNAM" is no defined in Cisco IOS , so I use CoolEditPro and Wireshark to mesure the parameter of Frequence and Candence of Custome-Cptone.

But, it stil not work.

Check them with your ISP what they get on their side and what they expect from you making Intl calls.

Best Regards
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