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Discussion: how to setup an IVR prompt for 500 users.

At the moment we use CUCM7 and UCNX8 (only for voicemail)

and CUWL pro lic's for all users.

I have the task to migrate 500 users to the CUCM, with Extention Mobility.

My huge problem is that at the moment all users are member of their departments HuntPilot's Linegroup. So if customers call, they always get someone to speak.

In the new situation, 66% of the users want to use 'if logged-out' forward to the cell.

I am afraid that lots of users won't log in anymore, so that lots of calls are forwarded to a cellphone.

It's not only a practical issue, we are moving to a new building, with less desks, so more users working at home.

I cannot imagine this is good for the business (and we only have one PRI directly to our cellphone provider, those calls are free.)

So, I was thinking of an IVR for every user.

How to get this setup: if you call a logged-out user,

  • press 1 for forward to the users cellphone,
  • press 2 for a colleague (=HuntPilot of the HP/LineGroup they are in),
  • press 3 for the reception.

I am new to Unity Connection, I now you can do voice prompts, but our business partner says that their is no BAT-file kind of import, or template we can use for new users.

Someone in an other forum sugested Cisco Unified Contact Center Express. Maybe it's part of our CUWL pro lic, I don't know, but:

The most important thing is easy usermanagement and the capability to use templates for easy configuration of new users (if possible)

Should we purchase / use other software, any help is greatly appreciated!

Hall of Fame Cisco Employee

You can use BAT to create the users and use their mailboxes to provide the greeting and the option, but it doesn't seem BAT lets you create the caller input. You can configure #2 and #3 in the user template, but you would still need to create call handlers for each user for #1 and then configure that action to happen.



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if this helps, please rate