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Does anybody use Sprint SIP trunks as an ITSP?

John Huthmaker
Level 4
Level 4

I'm trying to find someone with experience configuring Call Manager to use a Sprint SIP trunk.  I need to confirm a few things.

1) Do we have to connect to their SIP trunks over their MPLS network?

      a) If not, what are the pro's and con's to using their network as opposed to the internet?

2) Do we have to use a Cisco Unified Border Element?

Any advice you provide would be most helpful.


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Chris Deren
Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame

These questions are general questions that are not specific to Sprint deployment.

1. You should always use SIP provider's network for SIP trunk delivery which will make the connection a lot more secure, and for some large providers there is no other option, which sounds like the case here

2. It may not be necessary to use CUBE if you do not require SIP trunk authentication as you can create the trunk directly from CUCM, but it is highly recommended to deploy CUBE for may reasons, such as demarcation, internal address hiding, security, sip header manipulation, early media negotiations without needing MTPs, etc, etc

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Level 3
Level 3

Hi John,

I don't have experience specifically with Sprint, however

1. ITSPs sometimes install their private circuits to have more control or guarantee over voice, rather than using the internet

- the benefit is the SLAs, guarantees. For example if it is only voice traversing the private circuit then there is no contention. If the private circuit is VLAN'd off for voice, then they can use quality control mechanisms to guarantee voice traffic

2. Use of a CUBE is down to your requirements. You do not have to use one. However if you use CUCM then your SIP connection will terminate on a voice router. [EDIT - As per Chris' message above mine, I understood you were unable to terminate SIP directly on CUCM - I must be wrong in this instance!]


And someone else will likely elaborate on my short answers above.

John Huthmaker
Level 4
Level 4

Thank you both for your responses.  That has definitley help make the appropriate decisions I needed to make.