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Does anyone know or recommend a tool to generate PSTN calls on voice gateway with different CID?

Hi, I need to generate calls to PSTN to keep company DIDs used in a monthly basis. I guess I could setup an script to send H.323 or SIP calls to the Cisco Gateway and replacing calling number. I've been looking for on how to do this and would like to hear about if anyone has tried this before.

A Unix script should be able to log into a GW replace DN number in a SIP ephone and later initiate a call from soft SIP client. Of course, still needs to figure out and build a script.

As a different option, could IPCCX 5  script run starting once a month and using several calling numbers.

Just if someones asks, this is not for war dialing or frauds, but to keep DID registered in carrier as used ones as recommended by our account manager. Carrier provided huge amount of free numbers last year and wants to charge for non used ones, so it's cheaper to place some calls a month than paying for unused DID. Hopefully, there is a large chunk we don't use and can return back to them without risking running out of numbers in medium term. Unfortunately, management may require us to return a larger chunk reserved for a company joined ours (that runs Centrex like system but will be migrated to Cisco IPT next year and use the same E1 of main office).

Thanks a lot.

Cisco Employee

Re: Does anyone know or recommend a tool to generate PSTN calls

For SIP calls I've used SIPp which is a linux tool for generating SIP calls:


Re: Does anyone know or recommend a tool to generate PSTN calls

Thanks a lot for the tip. I'll prepare a VM with it and see if I can automate by script dialing. By the reports carrier sent, inbound calls do count as used so I'd need to deploy DNs for unused phones and place some calls to them to flag DID as used.


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