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Does the Cisco 871 support Voice?

Does the Cisco 871 support voice, the documentation on CCO is not clear enough. If so, how many dial-peer can be defined?


Chris Deren
Hall of Fame Master

It does not support any voice cards, so it cannot be a voice gateways, however it certinaly supports voice over IP through it. You can run it at a remote location and have IP phones hanging off of it. If you need PSTN integration at that location you will need a router that accepts voice cards such as 1861

or 28XX/38XX routers.

Typically the 871 is a good solution for a remote worker that requires a hard IP phone with site-to-site VPN configured on it.


i just need to run an H323 GW for a few dail-peers..

Are these voip or pots dial-peers? Where are they going to point to?


VOIP dial-peers

I dont think the 871 IOS images will allow you to create dial-peers and create an IPIP GW, but I am not 100% sure.

Can you explain the reason for having dial-peers on this router?


To address some last minute requirement for a client with regards to call routing based on ANI - i will be using dial-peers to do the translation of digit based on ANI for call flow/control.

UCM6x does not understand ANI digits so i need another solution for digit munipulation based on ANI.

hence, if a call come into the network and based on that area code i want to route that call to a particular hunt group using dial-peers.

UCM has its limitation. So, Dial-peers will suffice in this scenario.

So, your plan is to have an IPIPGW where calls arrive from PSTN at another location and based on the called number you will send these calls to this router? Why not do it on the original GW? As I said you can not have any voice cards on this router so you will not be able to receive calls from PSTN on it anyway.


basically, i just want to know if the 871 will support H323 GW - i haven't work much with it nor does the reference documentation provide much details.

this is the only solution to control ANI digits - UCM does not provide this functionality so it need to be done via H323 GW.

Called is DNIS [default recognition for UCM]

Calling is ANI [VOice GW recognize both ANI/DNIS]

As I said I dont belive the 871 will allow you to create H323 GW, but I am trying to give you an alternative solution to your problem.

It makes no sense to have a dedicated GW to provide translation functionallity, as you can do this on the original GW that the call arrives at, since the 871 can not be that GW there is no need for it.

Trust me I know what ANI and DNIS are, and what CM is capable of doing with them.


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