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Does the CP-8841-3PCC-K9 support VPN

Hi, Does anyone know if the CP-8841-3PCC-K9 (3rd Party Communication Controller) support VPN like the CP-8841-K9? Unable to find documentation on whether or not if it can if how to configure if it does. Thank you.
Nipun Singh Raghav
Cisco Employee

Looking at the data sheet for MPP, I don't see VPN mentioned in there. When you say VPN, you mean over a VPN tunnel or enabling SSL on the phone itself so that it can register over the public net ?

Nipun Singh Raghav
"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them"

Hi Nipun,


Currently my firm has a couple of telecommuters who currently are using Avaya 9640G phones with VPN connection back to a Cisco ASA to communicate to an Avaya IP PBX at our data center. The current firmware on it doesn't support IKEV2 and only supports IKEV, our vendor that supports the Avaya phones have contacted Avaya and they have communicated back to us that the phone doesn't have any new firmware for it that would support IKEV2 for the VPN connection. We are looking to replace the Avaya phone with an ip phone that would be able to communicate with an Avaya IP PBX and also can provide a VPN connection to the ASA with IKEV2. Was hoping that the CP-8841-3CPP-K9 would be an ideal solution. Is there another type Cisco IP Phone that you might be able to recommend? Thank you for your response.

Dennis Mink

If you have a VCS(e) deployed, you could look into MRA on the 8800 series phones.


check this link:

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Hi Dennis,


Thank you for the response, unfortunately we do not have VCS(e) deployed so MRA is not an option for us.

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