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I am trying to use freeftpd. But the problem I have is when I log off the server I have freeftpd running on The system will not get backedup. I then have to log on and restart freeftpd. I have redownloaded it but run into the same problem. Anyone use something other then freeftpd?

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With FreeFTPd you have the option to install the application as a Windows Service, therefore when you close the application and logoff it will still be running as a service?

If you have not does this then simply uninstall and reinstall, at then end of the installation you should be prompted to whether you would like install as a service.

Here are few simple steps for configuring the utility also:-

1. Under SFTP configure the SFTP root directory for example E:

2. Create your user and configure the home directory E:\Backup

3. Under virtual directories create a folder named Backup, set the virtual to Backup and configure the real path to E:\Backup

4. When you configure the DRS network location specify / for the path name.

Taken from one of my previous posts on a similar thread:-

I have proven this setup successfully with both 5.x and 6.x



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I have tried this method but If I logoff the machcine and then log back on SFTP is now offline.

What is the status of the freeFTPd windows service when you log back into the server?

The freeFTPd application does not need to open in order to ensure that SFTP is running

If it is installed as a service it simply listens in the background for requests. Make sure that the windows service is configured for automatic, and that it is started.

One caveat to be aware of is that I have found problems with trying to configure the application through the GUI whilst the service is running.

Stop the service before opening the GUI to make your configuration changes. Once complete quit the application and close the icon in the systray. Then restart the windows service again and logoff the server.