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DST Phone Time not updating

Phone time not updating. CM Server time is correct.

Running CM OS 4.4SR4, CM 4.2.3ES20


How do you get into the Database to make the change?

Using SQL enterprise manager on the publisher. Drill down to the current CM database, then open the table under the database.

This fixed mine as well.

What I don't get is that I have a lab with a duplicate CCM publisher and 2 7960's and 1 7970, and I ran into no problems when testing.

After going into SQL into the CCM database table "TypeTimeZone" and manually set the "stddate"

and "dstdate" to "0/11/0/1,2:0:0:0" and "0/3/0/2,2:0:0:0" respectively for each US timezone... I recieved the following error

'Transaction cannot start while in the Firehouse Mode' This is on the pub.

Has anyone else experienced this problem?

If you scroll all the way down to bottom of the table, you will be able to get the change to take.

Hopefully this will work.

I applied this fix by changing the fields in the DB.

Is anyone else experiencing time in the CDR DB being 1-hour off as a result of changing the fields?

we have the same issue. We provide support for approximately 50 customers. we are fielding calls from many that are stating that the phones are not updating. The only way around it so far is to create a date\time group that is an hour ahead of yours (we are EST so i created an Atlantic Time setting). this sets the phone time to be correct. However you have to be careful if you have any phones that are correct in time - this will throw them off. I created a device pool for the 40\60 family to move these phones in to. SO far the TAC has been useless for solution to this issue.


Same here...

CM 4.1(3)sr4d

OS 2000.2.7

OS Service Release 2000.4.4aSR3a

OS Upgrade 2000.4.4a

Steve Barr

Madison Local School District


4.1(3)SR3C - 7960g 7940g NOT WORKING

Load is P00308000500

We have bumped all phones and the servers.. no luck. Any suggestions? We have this problem at 3 sites (3 diff clusters) :(

If the issue is only with 7940/60 phones, then we have seen a lot of similar cases today and are working to get a permanent fix to the issue. However as a workaround, you could resolve it by going into the Start >> Programs >> Microsoft SQL Server >> Enterprise Manager >> CCM database >> Table >> "TypeTimeZone" >> Right Click Open Table >> Return All Rows and manually set the "stddate" and "dstdate" to "0/11/0/1,2:0:0:0" and "0/3/0/2,2:0:0:0" respectively for each US timezone.

CM Service needs to be restarted.

Hope this helps!

What is the best method to restart serviices in a multiple server env? Do we only need to do it on the PUB, or Pub plas all Sub's? Does the order matter?

u need to do it on all servers. You should restart from Pub and then restart it on SUB

How do you identify the correct DB and what about states that do not adhere to the time zone changes ie Arizona?

Also can you not use SQL Query analyzer to do this.




I'm running CCM 4.1(3)sr1 with both 7960 and 7961. After updating TypeTimeZone and restarting services on CCM, the 7960s updated perferctly while the java based 7961s are still 1hr behind. Any suggestions?

upgrade the phones to the latest firmware and that should solve the issue.

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