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+E.164 alternate numbers and enterprise alternate numbers



         In CUCM version 10.X there's the settings "+E.164 alternate numbers and enterprise alternate numbers".  Can these be used instead of configuring each DN as a E164/+E164 number?  Preventing the required translation patterns needed for abbreviated dialing ?  If so are there any Caveats?  Or are these only for ILS/GDPR ?


Thank you..


I have been testing using the Enterprise Alternate Number. All my DID DNs are +E.164 numbers. For abbreviated dialing I always had translation patterns. With the EAN, I used the number mask to create the 5 digit EAN and added it to a local partition so that only that specific site could dial that 5 digit number. So far it works great. So much better than having all those translation patterns.

While this is true, keep in mind that this only works for DNs. So, if you have other services, say Conference Now, Call Park, Hunt Pilots, etc., you'll still require Translation Patterns for Intra-site abbreviated dialing. And therefore, if your Hunt PIlots, say for example, are in the same DID range as your DNs, then why mix the solution up, by using both? Just use the Translation patterns. So, again, it does work, but it's not the savior we may want it to be....yet.



Good point. Thanks for the note.

Where do you globalize the directory numbers from 4 digits to E.164, on the voice gateway or somewhere in CM?

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Hi Roger, When I inherited the customer the gateways were set up as MGCP gateways and we were using 4 digit dialing within the legacy sites. We are migrating a bunch of PBX sites that has their own PRIs and there are 4 digit overlaps (alternate extensions in Connection is not an option). The normalization is done on the CUCM. We will be converting all users to E.164 and have ordered SIP circuits and CUBE gateways. Once the migration is complete I don’t need the translation patterns to convert 4 digits to E.164. Hope this answers your question.

That's what I suspected. As you pass the directory number from the gateway in 4 digit format that is likely why you get issue with the information passed to CUC. If you would have globalized the information from the PSTN service provider in the gateway on ingress, aka before sent to the CM, you should not have this issue.

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Roger, thanks for the reply. This is a very complicated situation. I have an old cluster running 11.5 and we installed a new cluster running 12.5. All gateways for the legacy sites are still connected to the old cluster and all users are 4 digits on the old cluster. We are migrating users from different offices from the old cluster to the new cluster, and majority are still 4 digits on the new cluster. So there is no way to normalize all calls coming in. Once we found out that we are migrating PBX offices and realized we have 4 digit overlaps we started a E.164 conversion. Majority f the users are still 4 digits. We also have to maintain 4 digit dialing between the legacy sites in the new and the old cluster. Everyday, it is a moving target right now
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