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Grayson Wells

E-Token issues

I am trying to configure the CTL file. I have the CTL Client plugin on my workstation. It comes up and asks for a security token, so I insert the e-token and hit okay. Instead of coming up and displaying the token (so I can actually add it) it just flashes back to the insert token prompt (with the okay and cancel options). This leads me to believe that it isn't recognizing the e-token. However, I can view the token by going to start>programs>etoken>etoken properties. So I know my computer is recognizing it. Is there something I am supposed to do with the e-tokens before I try to use them to create the CTL file?

Joseph Martini
Cisco Employee

You're doing everything correctly.  What you can do is look at the token application on your task bar (bottom right) and open that up, click advanced, and you can look at the token properties.  You should see "user certificates" if you do not that's your problem you have a bad token.  The only fix is to replace the token.  You can also confirm this by looking at the CTL client log directory where the CTL client is installed for "

EnvelopeWriter:No key(s) / certificate(s) was found for this token."
Joseph Martini
Cisco Employee

Let me know if you open a TAC case please too.

Hi ,

The follwoing link might be helpful, just need to follow it blindly

Installing the Cisco CTL
Client :

Grayson Wells

I figured it out. We use smart card readers to log into our workstations. These smart cards have digital certificates on them. The computer was basically getting the smart card reader and the e-token confused. When I hit "Ok" the computer looked for the inserted e-token but instead of asking me where it was plugged in, it just sensed the first USB device offering a certificate, which was my smart card. I removed the smart card, restarted the computer without it, logged in via username and password and ran the program. Doing it this way allowed the CTL Client program to properly access the e-token.

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