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E1 R2 config


Hi All...

I need to configure an E1 R2 link.

But can't realli get it up and running?I was given only the following info from the Telco..

Trunk Group type:

- E for Incoming started from TS 17<31

- S for Outgoing started from TS 1<15

Other parameter with these TrunkGroup :

CTA=VSG1 ( mean discrimination=signalling valian:1 for Q421 R2 cambodge )

SG=L03E02 (mean Signalling System= Line Code: 3 & Register Code:2 for Q421 R2 Cambodge)

I'm quite lost,i've tried afew config found in cisco web, but doesn't seems to work. Anyone can shed some light?


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paolo bevilacqua
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Are you in singapore? can you ask if they can convert the circuit to RPI? You would be able to get it working in 5 minutes.

If that is not possible, post here the config that you think is the closest, and we can start from there. Please mention IOS used as well.

HI There..

Apparently it's for a Cambodia site.

IOS i'm using is 12.4(3f) SPservice, it's a 28XX router

Right now i'm trying the basic config with

ds0-group 0 timeslots 1-15,17-31 type r2-digital r2-compelled

voice-port 0/0/0:0

dial-peer voice 9000 pots

destination-pattern .T


port 0/0/0:0

That's the only Voice config i've put in.

When i try to initiate a voice call out.. Apparently the status of the port goes into block when it's using channel 1-15. But when channel 17-31 are used. The status becomes seizeack and stays there.. and i hear a beep


Certainly it's not enough. There is a cas0-custom part that you must include.

I can search for some examples and post them later.

Are you testing being connected to a switch that will behave like the Cambodian one ?

Also please upgrade to 12.4(16) as there are R2 bugs in the first releases of 12.4 as we recently learned from a fellow in Angola.

Good luck !

Hi There..

Apparently not, i'm doing a remote access over to do the config.. :)

Ok.. Will try get the code..

Btw.. From what the telco told me, the first 15 channels are used for inbound and last 15 channels are use for outbound? I'm quite puzzled with that. Is it possibel for that to happen with E1 R2?

Tks n Rgds

Yes, it's possible. In fact E1 R2 has support for this kind of splitting the trunk in two. Once we got to the correct config, the router will behave like that.

Ic. Tks for the info.

Btw. will cont trying out the different config as for now and also getting help here.


Ic. Tks for the info.

Btw. will cont trying out the different config as for now and also getting help here.


It should be already late in Asia Pacific. Will collect info and post here. Search "E1 r2 cambodia" on CCO and Internet.

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