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E164 Pattern Map


If I have a certain number range (say) "98[1-8]..$" and I wanted to send that to the CUCM server at but then I had a call (say) "87[1-9]..$" which I wanted to send to "" using CUBE using e164-pattern-map, how would I create the config file to also include the destination, so that I wouldn't have to include that in the router config under dial-peer as "session target ipv4:x.x.x.x" and can manage it from the config file directly?

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Marcelo Morais
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Hi farbod.karami,

 the e164-pattern-map is a list of "destinations-pattern" not "session target".

 In other words, you can not add a "session target" to it.

 For more info, check this link.


Hope this helps.


Hi Farbod

Your question isn't clear - what is the 'config file' that you want to put this in?

You have two types of maps in IOS that you might be confusing:

e164 maps: allow mapping multiple destination-patterns to each dial peer

server groups: allow mapping multiple session-targets to a dial peer

It may be the server groups feature you are looking for (


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