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Effects on phones when restarting services.

Nicholas Hood

I was curious to know if there was a document or rule of thumb to know what effect there will be on IP phones when either restarting a service or changing an item in system parameters.

Basically, one of my biggest fears of CUCM management is changing a parameter or restarting a service that causes all the phones to reboot (1600+ phones) in the middle of working hours.

For instance, I just restarted SNMP service in the cluster and the phones did not reset. But is there a service that would make the phones go in and out if I restarted/start stop them?

Thanks for the help!

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Chris Deren
Hall of Fame Master Hall of Fame Master
Hall of Fame Master

I am not aware of such document as it really depends on which service you are resetting, which parameter are you changing (no parameter change should cause phone reset), etc.  The one service that will for sure reset phones is the Callmanager service reset, all other services are responsible for other features which will not cause phone reset, but may cause other services to be interrupted.  My recommendation is to familiarize yourself with what each service is responsible and that should give you an idea of impact of its restarting.



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