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Emergency Logout


Here is the scenario:

When we are required to evacuate our facilities (fire, hurricane etc.) we are looking for a way to either:

A) Log all of the agents out at once. The system is currently setup to recognize that all agents are logged out and revert to the “Emergency Message” during the predefined business hours.

B) Cause the IPCC system to revert to an “Emergency Message” either through the click of a button or by dialing into a hidden menu from an external phone and changing to an “Emergency Message”.

What would be the best method to solve this issue?

We are currently running IPCC 4.0(5)SR02_Build044 Premium


A single click is unlikely. Your best bet is to build an IVR application that saves the choices made by the user to a file in the document repository. You can then add another check to your existing scripts to parse this XML file and decide what actions to take regardless of the agents' status.

I didnt think a click would happen, but you never know. As far as the second option goes, i think that is the right idea, just not so sure about implementation. Can you point me to some code samples?

I have been attempting to do as you suggested but i cant figure out what method i need to use to write the igit String to the XML file.

What i have so far is:

Get Digit String

Create File Document

Write Fie Document

So how do i tell it what to write to the document?

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