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Encrypted VG224 and a door phone station


I have a problem with a VG224 (SCCP connected) and a phone station for a door (German vendor "Telecom Behnke"). The phone station is mounted on the wall and is used to call a phone when you press the button on it. The phone should ring and the user can answer the person, who is waiting in front of a closed door.

Now the phone station needs a busy tone, when the called phone hang up to close the connection and be ready for the next "ring" and the current should not be disconnected. This two tasks are easily made by the following configuration. And it works fine!

voice-port 2/12

no supervisory disconnect lcfo

no vad

cptone DE

timeouts ringing infinity

caller-id enable

dial-peer voice 212 pots

no tone dialtone remote-onhook

tone busytone remote-onhook

service stcapp

fax rate disable

port 2/12



The VG224 are normally encrypted! The certificates are created by an internal PKI and the Faxmachines and analogue phones, which are connected to such a VG are working fine.

But not the phone stations. The call sometimes is established and the called phone rings one or two times and then interrupts the signaling. Sometimes the phone station is even not calling the phone.

Can anyone help?!

Thank's many times!



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Encrypted VG224 and a door phone station

Encyprption (which type ?), show not matter. Try another phone.

Encrypted VG224 and a door phone station


what do you mean with Encryption type?

I cannot try another phone, because the customer has round about 30 or 40 such phones working here. And with the old Siemens PBX it is working fine.



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Re: Encrypted VG224 and a door phone station

Recently had several issues with "Behnke turtelefon".
Analog phone did not hangup after call. -> had issue with Busy signal detection.
After many pointing to the cisco configuration, I found in the behnke manual an "autolearn" option.
Programmable using keypad (temporarily) connected to behnke phone.
Maybe this can solve your problem.

After this solved the behnke had several inpredictable issues with volume.
Finally returned to verdor.

After that tried Behnke sip phone had similar issues with volume. Also returned to verdor.
Still looking for suitable device.

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