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Error codes on CUCM

Anil Sharma


I need to know that where on call manager 8.5 we configure the error codes.

eg. if a call from IP phone is going towards voice gateway and E1 connected to that gateway is down. Gateway will send a error code towards CUCM. So, i want to know where do we configure these error codes on call manager.

Which tells the CUCM how to behave or action based on error code generted.

Does this make any sense ?


Anil Sharma

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Joseph Martini
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

There is a CallManager service parameter, Stop Routing on Q.931 Disconnect Cause Code, where you can enter any cause codes you want.  Also in that section are how to handle routing when unallocated/unassigned is returned.  Make sure you click the advanced button on the service parameters page to see all of them.

Hi Joe,

Thanks for your response. I found the one which you mentioned. This is only were we can enter the code.

Stop Routing on Q.931 Disconnect Cause Code

For the below three we can only set a value as true or false.

Stop Routing on Out of Bandwidth 

Stop Routing on Unallocated Number  

Stop Routing on User Busy Flag  

I thought on cucm there might be several other options where we can enter codes ?


Anil Sharma

Those are the only places (the service parameters) I know of in CUCM to configure stop routing on certain cause codes.

OK Joe. .Thank you

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