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Jim Kozlowski

Exchange 2016 compatibility (Call Manager

Does anyone know if Exchange 2016 is officially supported as a messaging back-end for Call Manager integration with Unified Messaging? We only use Exchange Unified Messaging for voicemail (we don't use unity connections). Our exchange admin is looking to upgrade exchange to 2016 and wanted to make sure there wasn't any gotcha's since everything is working fine now in our current exchange unified messaging to call manager.

Manish Gogna
Cisco Employee

Support for Exchange 2016 was added in Unity Connection 10.5(2) SU3

There is no such supporting documentation for CUCM though. I would say that this would work but you can confirm with TAC if it is supported officially yet.


Jaime Valencia
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee

Cisco does not perform testing for Exchange to be used as a VM, this testing is done directly by MS, just as the documentation on how to perform the integration, would need to come from them.



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Did you ever get this working in your environment.  We are running into the same scenario.

Not yet, It still seems to be strange with my Exchange Route Group. We also opened a Microsoft case which we spent over 3 months on. At this point we are looking to just go to Skype for voice since we have Microsoft for voicemail.

What version of Exchange were you running when it worked? From the standpoint of Communications Manager, it's just a SIP trunk to a 3rd party device. Look at the SIP logs to see why the call is failing.

Last year I set up a CUCM 11.0 to Exchange 2013 integration that worked just fine. I followed the MS docs, except I did have to check "Media Termination Point Required" on the CUCM SIP trunk.

We are on Exchange 2016, prior we were on exchange 2010 which seemed to work perfectly fine. We won't be upgrading call manager to 11.x

You might look through these documents and compare with your current configuration. I think there are some changes with SIP trunk settings between Exchange 2010 and later versions.

I have looked at this document.  I am able to setup the SIP trunk and voicemail profile.  We are running call manager 8.5 and exchange 2016.  I can leave vm successfully.  When I try to access the message from a 7940 it does accept and digit input.  Maybe it is not sending DTMF correctly over the SIP trunk.

Does it work with a newer phone? The older 7940 "Type A" phones don't support RFC 2833 DTMF, so you will need to add a Media Termination Point (MTP) and mess with DTMF settings on both sides of the SIP trunk. There are plenty of docs on the internet on troubleshooting DTMF negotiation. You will need to dig through the SIP logs and look at the SDP negotiation to see what is going on. Good luck!

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