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Expansion module individual background

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Level 1

Upgraded a customer to the latest version of cucm 12.5 SU4.  Before upgrade, the 8851 had a custom background image, but the expansion module had a blank background, which made it easier to read the characters on the screen.  Since the upgrade the background is also on the expansion module, and making it difficult to read.


In reading some documents, I believe we should be able to change the background of the expansion module to a solid color instead of copying the logo from the phone.  The custom logo is part of the list file, so the users can pick which image they want.  They do not have an option to change just the expansion module.  I have reviewed in CUCM both under the phone and the common phone profile, but haven't determined how to from their either.


In the 8851 settings I see an option for expansion module, however when I click on that, it says. "login is unavailable" was thinking it might possibly under those settings. 


Looking for direction at this point.  Thanks,

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Customized KEM wallpapers

1. Upload pictures to CUCM TFTP server. The picture’s resolution matches the directory. The pictures need to have the same name in all directories.. Example: cisco1.png.

Desktops/800x480x24 --- for main phone screen wallpaper
Desktops/320x480x24 --- for the new 8800-A/V-KEM wallpaper Desktops/272x480x24 --- for BEKEM wallpaper

  1. Restart TFTP. On a new Common Phone Profile, uncheck “Enable End User Access to Phone Background Image Setting. For “Background Image” put wallpaper (i.e., cisco1.png)

  2. Apply Common Phone Profile to the phone.



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