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Exporting Lines using Bulk Administration Tool

Cesar Trombeta

Hello all,

Recently I received a request from a customer to change the description field from 3455 DNs. Each DN will have a different description.

My doubt is how I can export from CUCM just the DN and Description fields and then I do my editings and import back the new file with the new modifications?

I have tried to export via Bulk Administration tool > Phone > Export All Details and Specific Details , via Import/Export with a .tar file and from Update Lines/Add Lines but the CUCM don't recognize my file.

But when I uploaded the file to CUCM I don't know how option I choose on the File Upload Configuration screen, in the field "Selec The Target" and "Select Transaction Type".

The majority of the DNs are configured directly to the IP Phones, and they have very few Extension Mobility users. With these EM profiles I managed to do it in my test environment by modifing their Description field from the Device Profile.

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Ahmed Adeyemi

One way to do it is to Export configuration and select the phones. Once you run this and download it, it will come out as a tar file. Use the application called PeaZip to extract the CSV files called phones.csv and open it with excel to make the modification to the lines. Once that is done, using pea zip, open the original .tar file you downloaded and add to archive the file you modified.. Upload the tar file back to CUCM using export/Import configuration as the parameter when uploading it.

Go back into the Bulk admin and then select import configuration and select phones. this should accomplish the request.

Keep in mind that you can also use the export line specific details and achieve the same goal but i've done this several times using the import and export tool and it works for me all the time.

Bodbol thank you for your reply.

I managed to do it by Phones > Export All Details > (I selected the type that I want),then modifying the Line Description 1,save and then open it in notepad, exchange the space to comma,save, upload the file like Phones and Insert Phone All details.

Then Phones > Insert Phones > Insert Phones All details ,choose the file,check the "Override...configuration", submit and worked it!

I can now replicate this to the 3455 phones and it will work.

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