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Extensiom Mobility and BLF

Our customer ask us Lock for IPPHone, so we configure Extension mobility, when he login he can access to call External, when he is not login he can call Internal works fine.

Now my problem is BLF, how to configure BLF with extension mobility solution, pleasae light me on this.

Wen I try BLF with extension mobiliyt when the user are logiut BLF is working, when login it is not working...any suggestion please update me.

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Have you programmed a Add On Unit on the logged of phone?


Could please let me know "Add on unit on the logged of phone" is in device level or device profile

The Device Level of the logged of phone that has a physical Add on unit connected to it will need to have the Add On programmed.

The Device Profile of the logged off phone does not need it (red lights will show) but the Device Profile of the User that you want to log on needs to be programmed for the Add on

Till I am not able to understand the solution, extension mobility is working, BLF is working when IPPhone are logout.

When IPPhone are login for extension mobility, the BLF function is not working..Please point the config I am missing.

Could please let me know "Add on unit on the logged of phone" is in device level or device profile


you have to understand the difference between the Device Level (the physical phone on the desk) and the Device Profile (software that can log on to any phone)

The Profile should contain the Information that a Add On Unit is supported and should have the correct key layout programmed.

The Physical Phone needs to have the Add On Unit installed and the Device Profile of the Phone needs to be programmed that a Add On unit is installed.

Only then wehn you log on to a phone with an add on unit the device profile will be able to use the device level of the phone.