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Extension Mobility CFA

Ed Kender

Hello we are experiencing some unusual behavior with EM on CUCM 10.5.  We have multiple users that only have an EM device profile that they use to log in and out of phones with. When they are not logged into a phone it follows the call forward unregistered in the line settings of the DP. However if the EM DP line has Call Forward All setup  to go to an external number and it is not registered when the EM line is called we get a fast busy. When registered it goes to the external number.  If it has an internal extension programmed it will ring the extension when unregistered.  

Why does it not follow the CFA to an external number when not registered?

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Rob Huffman
Hall of Fame Community Legend Hall of Fame Community Legend
Hall of Fame Community Legend

Hi Ed,

Have you checked/verified the Call Forward Unregistered CSS?



Elliot Dierksen
VIP Collaborator VIP Collaborator
VIP Collaborator

Is the behavior different if you call the extension the is logged out internally versus externally? How are calls routed to the PSTN? Is there a local route group? If so, you might not have an LRG set on the device pool of the gateway where the call enters the network.

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