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Extension Mobility (em) not working with Call Control Discovery (CCD) on CME

Router: 2921


PhoneA <=> CME1 <=> CME2 <=> PhoneB

Phone A original number: 10011

Phone B original number: 10021

EM on B number: 10099

Problem: I have extension mobility working (minus a bug where EM hangs when you try to log in as described here and here). I also have call control discovery working (I can call from phone B to A and from A to B without a predefined dial-peer). However when I log on to my extension mobility account on CME2 who has number 10099 I'm unable to call from A to EM on B, but I can call out from EM on B to A. It seems as though ccd isn't able to realize that my user is available and doesn't pass that information on. Is there someway to make EM work with CCD?

Relevant Config on B:

voice logout-profile 1

pin 1234

user tom password tom

number 10021 type normal


voice user-profile 1

pin 1111

user t password adgj

number 10099 type normal

router eigrp saf-fwdr


service-family ipv4 autonomous-system 10


  topology base



dial-peer voice 100 voip

destination-pattern .T

session target saf



voice service saf

profile trunk-route 1

  session protocol sip interface GigabitEthernet0/0 transport tcp port 5060


profile dn-block 1

  pattern 1 type extension 1002X

  pattern 2 type global 1002x

  pattern 3 type extension 1009x

  pattern 4 type global 1009x

profile callcontrol 2


   trunk-route 1

   dn-block 1

channel 1 vrouter saf-fwdr asystem 10

  subscribe callcontrol wildcarded

  publish callcontrol 2

ephone-dn  99

number 10099

label Tom

name Tom

ephone  3

device-security-mode none

mac-address <mac>

ephone-template 1

type 7962

logout-profile 1

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